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Life Insurance

Life insurance protects you from the unfortunate event of your death. You pay what’s called a premium in exchange for peace of mind, knowing that your insurer will take care of your loved ones after you die.

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What does life insurance cover?

Term Life Insurance

Lasts for a specific amount of time, usually 10, 20, or 30 years.

Workers Compensation

Permanent life insurance lasts your entire lifetime.

Supplemental Insurance Types

Mortgage Protection

This type of coverage pays off your house if you still owe money on your mortgage, protecting your family still at home in the event of your death.

Cancer Insurance

Cancer insurance can be added to your policy if you have a terminal illness, which protects your family from outstanding medical bills.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment

AD&D pays for hospital bills up front for any type of unusual accident. It’s a form of quick cash if you survive and lose a limb or speech, eyesight, or hearing.

What does life insurance cover?

Life insurance is intended to help your loved ones or business partners financially after you die. Your designees are the people you want to take care of with the insurance payout. This payout can be used to cover debts or any other expenses.

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