A New Way of Offering Benefits

An Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement enables employers to reimburse employees tax-free for health insurance premiums and medical expenses.

Group health benefit challenges

Thousands of employers in the U.S. experience the same issues.

Premiums are getting too expensive.

Health benefits are too difficult to manage.

It’s becoming harder to recruit and retain employees.


Unlike group insurance, ICHRA provides employees the freedom to choose from multiple health plan options from various insurance carriers.

Group Plan Model



ICHRA reimagines how we think benefits


✓ Cost Control:
Set your budget & cap spend

✓ Savings: Keep unclaimed reimbursements

✓ Risk Removal: No more carrier renewals

✓ Participation: No minimum requirements


✓ Choice:
Pick the health plan to meet their needs

✓ Flexibility: Secure the right level of coverage

✓ Control: Decide health benefit contribution

All ACA-compliant plans include:

Comprehensive Coverage & Choice

  • Free preventive care
  • Coverage for Essential Health Benefits
  • No medical underwriting (premiums vary by age)
  • HSA compatible options

For employees 65+ years old… Medicare will be reimbursed

*Insurance companies and plan options vary by geography

In recent years:

Carrier Expansion & Stabilization

  • 30 insurers entered new states
  • 61 insurers expanded service areas
  • Average of 5 insurers per state
  • Premiums have stabilized (along with MLRs)
  • State-level reinsurance programs have lowered premiums in some states

Design | Common Strategies

Benchmark Benefit to a Reference Plan

Select funding level (e.g., 70%)

Select reference plan (e.g., Lowest Cost Silver or Oscar Premium Silver)

Provide same level of benefit to all employees across geographies, ages, and classes

Maximize Potential Savings

Ensure 100% affordability while minimizing cost, completely satisfies Employer Mandate

Maximize savings by strategically considering Employer Shared Responsibility exposure

Large Healthcare Services switch to ICHRA

Healthcare Co. Situation


TX,  CA, FL, PA, MD, etc.


Healthcare Services


3,100 FTE; 1,475 Participating

Health Benefit

Self-Funded Group Plan

ER Issues

Need to reduce cost, Rising complexity managing multiple programs, Claims uncertainty

EE Issues

Lack of optionality, employee network issues

ICHRA Benefits

ICHRA offers relief to bearing claims risk, budget control, and less management. The employees experience more benefit options and control on monthly defined contribution.

Results: FULL ICHRA Replacement



Self Insured
Cost Estimate


Projected 11% Increase

ICHRA Program with Trimble

Company sets annual health insurance budget each year

+ No Exposure To Claims

Savings with ICHRA

Projected $1.4M

in Year 1 alone

Trimble Experience

Change is hard, but that's where we come in!


Employees across all 50 states


Industry best renewal rate


Rise in larger employer enrollments

We’ve Got ICHRA Covered

Setup & Administration

  • Turn-key design and setup
  • Educate and onboard employees
  • Automated compliance and reporting

Employee Support

  • On-demand support 
  • Licensed agents available to assist
  • Experts available via phone, email, and chat 24/7

Ready to get started?

Let’s find the right insurance plan for you,
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