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Benefits for people who don't have benefits

No benefits? No problem. We have helped thousands of people get coverage for $0 utilizing government subsidies.

Enroll in high quality health, dental, vision, and life insurance at the lowest price.

Track your income, deductions, mileage, expenses, and automate tax filing.

Get exclusive discounts on prescriptions, gas, car repairs, eyewear, and more.

Our award-winning advisors help you get the most out of your benefits, all year round.

Affordable health insurance made easy

Don’t spend hours on government sites. We’ll search all available plans and recommend the best one for you based on your medical and financial needs.

  • Includes every plan available on — at the same price — no markups, no hidden fees
  • Unlock savings and get the lowest price possible
  • Enroll in 10 minutes or less

Daily financial savings for independent contractors

  • Track your mileage and write off your expenses
  • Lower the cost to file your taxes with Intuit, get IRS- ready reports, and free support from tax experts
  • Browse partner offers and discounts on gas, subscription services, events, and more

Got questions? We have answers.

Handling your own benefits can be overwhelming. Trimble is here to help you every step of the way.

Trimble is an insurance broker. Here’s what that means: When you shop with Trimble, we help you find and enroll in the best health coverage for your unique needs from top insurance providers — no markups, no hidden fees.

Trimble is an official partner of, which means we offer all of the same plans at the same prices as and your state’s marketplace. The Trimble difference: – We offer select private plans that you can’t purchase from your marketplace. – We take your needs (like your health concerns and budget) into account and recommend the best plan for you. – We provide one-on-one, unbiased support before, during, and after enrollment to help you make the most of your plan.

For most states, when you enroll in health insurance during Open Enrollment (11/1/2022-12/15/2022) then your plan will start January 1st, 2023. If you enroll between December 15, 2022 and January 15, 2023 then your plan will start February 1, 2023.

Most health insurance plans do not include adult dental or vision coverage. The good news is that Trimble offers custom dental and vision plans that you can add on separately!

Yes, you can cover your entire family through Trimble. Enroll each family member in only the coverage they need, whether it’s health, dental, vision, or all three.
Plan prices are based on your location, age, family size, and household income. Reach out to us to get started.
Every health plan on Trimble is considered a major medical insurance plan, which means: Every plan covers all of the minimum essential benefit standards of the Affordable Care Act, including hospital stays, prescription drugs, surgeries, and emergency care. No plan can deny coverage for preexisting conditions and there are no lifetime maximum limitations for patients.
If you have Medicaid, keep it! You’ll save the most money on health care if you continue your Medicaid coverage while you’re eligible. Trimble will be here for you if you ever lose your Medicaid coverage, like if you end up earning an income that disqualifies you.
It costs nothing to be a Trimble member. We never charge additional fees when you enroll in coverage through us, so you’ll always get the lowest price available. And unlike when you enroll through government sites, you’ll also get support throughout the enrollment process (and every day after that).

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